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Beluga Whales Parade & Play in Cunningham River

Explore Arctic Climate Conservation Issues with Frances Ulmer of the Nature Conservancy

Wondering How to Get to the North Pole? Try a Nuclear Icebreaker

Penguins on Ice: How a Hobbyist Captured an Award Winning Photograph

A Polar Travel Adviser Shares Her Best Antarctica Fly/Cruise Travel Tips

Nansen's Fram Expedition: Bold North Pole Exploration in the 1890s

River of White – Across the Northwest Passage

Iconic & Incredibly Memorable: Four Antarctic Moments

Sea Kayaking with Keith Perry in Greenland

Our Antarctic Journey: A Canadian Couple’s Trek to the 7th Continent

SeaLegacy Photographers Paul Nicklen & Cristina Mittermeier Prepare for the North Pole Summit 2017

Facing down Fear: One Woman’s Journey to Antarctica and why she Doubled Down

Photo Fun: How to Take Polar Jumping Selfies

Meet Antarctic Wildlife in 360° VR

Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Arctic

Spotlight on Beluga Whale Communication

Where Is the Arctic & How Can I Get There?

Global Citizens Create Change Through Discovery

Natural Polar Bear Habitat Delivers Award-Winning Photography on an Arctic Expedition

5 Incredible Experiences I Had En Route to my Antarctic Fly/Cruise Adventure

How Our Antarctic Fly-Cruise Made Way for Epic South American Adventure

North Pole Summit Pairs Thought Leadership with Ultimate Arctic Adventure

3 Things to Leave Home when on an Antarctic or Arctic Expedition

5 Completely Irrational Fears I Conquered to Book My Antarctic Adventure

Peace of Mind for Your Polar Expedition: the Best Travel Insurance Options For Your Voyage

Top 3 Arctic Expedition Destinations for Arctic Wildlife Lovers

How Polar Expedition Travel Builds the Big 5 Personality Traits

A Learning Specialist Explains How We Grow & Transform Through Travel

Extreme Greenland: 7 Ways the Big Island Changed Me

Retreating into Greenland’s Fjords: One Woman’s Arctic Expedition Journey

Greenland’s Scenic Beauty & Challenging Terrain

5 Polar Expedition Rules for Your Most Rewarding Vacation Yet

Stand-Up Paddleboard Tips for Adventurous Antarctic Visitors

No Shortage of High Arctic Adventure at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Explore Top Greenland Fjords: Ilullisat Icefjord, Alpefjord & More

Meet a Polar Bear Expert

When Luxury and Adventure Travel Come Together in Expedition Travel

How to Plan a Physically & Emotionally Rewarding Polar Expedition

Meet the Polar Bear

The Polar Bear Week Energy Challenge

5 Spooky Antarctic Research Stations & Abandoned Military Bases

7 Positive Traits Strengthened by Polar Expedition Travel

5 Reasons Greenland Should Be Your Next Arctic Expedition Destination

5 Reasons an Arctic Expedition Is Totally Worth Your Vacation Time

The Northwest Passage: Three Weeks in the High Arctic

Spotlight on Baffin Island: A Largely Untouched Arctic Adventure Destination

Arctic Express: Greenland & Back in 10 Days

4 Reasons Baffin Island is the Ultimate Arctic Adventure Destination

Arctic Expedition Prizewinners Share Tales of Epic Icebreaker Experience

5 Ways Antarctic & Arctic Expedition Travel is Good for the Soul

Traveling with Kids: Antarctic Cruise Q&A

Why Polar Expeditions Make the Best Family Adventure Vacations

How Polar Travel Makes You a Better Person

5 Health Benefits of the Adventure Travel Lifestyle

Traveling with Kids: Essentials for Family Adventure Travel

Antarctic Flights with Amazing Winter Cruises

Antarctica in 10 Days or Less for 50 Percent Off on Amazing December Cruises

Experience Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge Through the Eyes of Fashion Icon Jeanne Beker

Arctic Adventure & Exploration with Canadian Fashionista Jeanne Beker

Franklin Expedition’s Long-Lost HMS Terror Found in Canadian Arctic

Fashion Icon Jeanne Beker Heeds the Call of the Far North

Traveling with Kids: Raising Youth to Be Responsible Global Citizens

Top 4 Reasons Antarctic Expeditions Make the Best Holiday Cruises

Robert Swan Leads the Ultimate Polar Adventure with a Special Antarctic Expedition

Polar Bird-Watching with Record-Setting Ornithologist Noah Strycker

Cruise Last Minute to Antarctica for Huge Value & Adventure

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves: Claire Wallace

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves: Evelyn Hannon

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves: Louise Boyd

When to Visit Antarctica: A Traveler’s Guide to the 7th Continent

A Year on South Georgia: Sam Crimmin, Quark Expeditions Doctor

Top 5 Antarctic Historic Sites

Top Bird-Watching Expeditions in the Polar Regions

Learning from the Experts in 360° Virtual Reality

Antarctic Kayaking - An Adventure Travel Experience Like No Other

Roald Amundsen’s Legendary South Pole Expedition

Top 10 Most Famous and Intriguing Polar Explorers

10 Things You Might Not Know About Antarctica

All-Inclusive, All-Suites Antarctica

Top 4 Reasons to Fly the Drake on Your Antarctic Cruise

Take an Antarctic Zodiac Cruise in Immersive 360° Video

Life On Board an Antarctic Expedition Ship in Immersive 360° VR

Quark Expeditions Launches 360° Virtual Reality Antarctic Experience

Top 5 Expeditions for Adventure Travel Lovers

Quark Expeditions chooses Canada Goose for Barneo Ice Camp

Antarctica Aboard Ocean Endeavour: Better Than Finding $500 Million

World Oceans Day 2016: Promote Environmental Sustainability

6 Reasons Small Ship Cruises Might Be for You

Top 5 Views from an Arctic Expedition

Erik the Red: The Explorer Who Tamed Greenland

Arctic Watch photo journal

Help Clean Up Svalbard on Your Arctic Adventures

Chris Hadfield’s Generator Show Goes to the Arctic

Tips for Amazing Galápagos Photography

Meet the Narwhal: A Near-Threatened Arctic Animal

What The Nature Conservancy & Quark Expeditions Partnership Means for Polar Travelers

Celebrate World Penguin Day 2016

Top 5 Things to Bring on a Galapagos Islands Vacation

5 Truths about Adventure Cruising

Recommended Reading for Galapagos Islands

Inuit Throat Singing - A Mesmerizing Experience

Cutting Edge Video in Antarctica

Meet Icebreaker Captain Petr Golikov

Antarctic Small Ship Vacations aboard the Hans Hansson

Meet Our Young Polar Explorers

Meet the Frigate Bird

Meet the #ROMWPY Wildlife Photographer of the Year Winner

10 Birds you’ll Likely See in Galapagos Islands

The Top Shipwrecks of the Arctic

Polar Trips That Should Be On Your Bucket List


Hiking in the Galapagos Islands

Meet the Waved Albatross

Louise Boyd - the Girl Who Tamed the Arctic

Kayaking in the Galapagos

Arctic Community: The Cultures and Peoples of the Far North

Ocean Endeavour Update - Feb 28th

Top 10 Places to Snorkel in the Galapagos Islands

The World's Longest Honeymooners Reach their Seventh Continent, with Quark!

Spitsbergen – Home of the Polar Bear

Cuverville Island

Romance in the Galapagos

Greenland’s Ilulissat Icefjord UNESCO Site

Packing Tips for the Arctic from Col. Chris Hadfield

Family Travel in the Arctic

Crossing the Antarctic Circle

Arctic Watch: Home of Real Life Arctic Explorers

Colonel Chris Hadfield to Join Special “Generator” Expedition

Drone Art Video - A Bird’s Eye View of the Arctic

A Life Changing Adventure in the Galapagos Islands

Photography Tips from 2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The Top Landing Sites in Greenland

The Galapagos Big 5

Failed Attempts at Traversing the Northwest Passage

A Spectacular End to An Epic Voyage

Christmas in Antarctica

Fantastic Falklands

Meet the Galapagos Hawk

Meet the Reindeer

Life aboard the ‘Hans Hansson’ Small Exploration Boat

How to Get To Antarctica

Embarkation Day

Another day in Paradise, Antarctica

An Epic Day on Ocean Endeavour in Antarctica

Explore Greenland with Quark Expeditions

Kayaking Adventures in Antarctica

Finding Zen in Greenland

Why Travel to Antarctica?

An adventurous spirit in Antarctica

Top 5 Wildlife Expeditions

Antarctica’s Lesser Known Explorers: Meet Captain Lawrence Oates

10 Reasons to Visit Greenland

The Lady and the Kapitan: A Polar Love Story

Meet the Expedition Heroes of Kapitan Khlebnikov

How to Get to the Arctic

Greenland: An Arctic Wildlife Adventure

Nobu Shirase, Japan’s Little Known Antarctic Explorer

Name the Quark polar bear - the Winning Name

10 Things to Do on a Layover in Murmansk

Top Polar Grave Sites: Visit Mysterious Thule Graves, Franklin’s Crew & More

How to Speak Polar: Cool Terms from a Polar Expedition

Charles Darwin Research Station

Meet the Pomarine Skua of the Galapagos

Meet the Galapagos Land Iguana

Top Underwater Photography Tips

10 Things to Do on a Layover in Kangerlussuaq

Top Landing Sites in the Galapagos Islands

The Top Landing Sites in the Falkland Islands

Meet the Galapagos Tortoise

Meet the Galapagos Sea Lion

Introducing Explorers' Collection

Meet the Blue-footed Booby - Endangered Beauties on your Galapagos Islands Cruise

Best Seats on Earth for the Annular Solar Eclipse

Not Your Average Cruise: Alternative Cruise Life on a Polar Expedition

10 Things to Do On a Layover in Reykjavik

Where Cold Winds Blow: Bill Webb’s 33 Years in the Arctic

Top 7 Most Brag-worthy Polar Experiences

10 Amazing Ways to Spend 48 Hours in Yellowknife

Get Involved in the Community

Cool Spa Treatments in Antarctica

Finding Zen on the 7th Continent: Yoga Onboard the Ocean Endeavour

The Quark Polar Bear - An Update

Top 10 Things to Do In Buenos Aires

Epic Whale Watching in Antarctica

Antarctic Adventure Activities for All Types of Travelers

Top 10 Things to Do on a Layover in Punta Arenas

The Top 5 Arctic Landing Sites

Field Notes on Beluga Whale Research - Weeks 2 and 3

Traveling to Antarctica with Jonathan Shackleton

Meet the Leopard Seal: Grace and Prowess in Antarctic Waters

10 Things to Do in Santiago, Chile

Beluga Whale Research Field Notes from Arctic Watch – Week 1

8 Impressive Arctic Explorers You May Not Have Heard Of

Preventing Overweight Baggage Blues – What NOT to Pack

Two Species of South Georgia Bird Populations Restored

Celebrate Arctic Sea Ice Day Enter the “Name Our Polar Bear” Contest!

VIDEO: Antarctic Express Fly Cruise

Meet the Blue Whale

Mysterious Graves in Greenland Intrigue and Fascinate

Goodbye Quark Expeditions, Hello Quark Expeditions and a New Adventure Portfolio!

Of Legends and Folklore: Greenland’s Northern Lights

Meet the Puffins: Iconic Seabirds a Passenger Favorite

The Wreck of the Governoren: an Antarctic Legend

Spotlight on Krill: Tiny Species, Massive Importance

Top 5 Reasons to take an Arctic Circumnavigation Expedition

The Arctic through the Eyes of a 9-Year Old

Meet Penguinologist Dr. Tom Hart

Crushing Ice -The Power of the Mighty Icebreaker

VASSDesign: Polar Time Travel through Art and Design

Meet the Albatross: An Imposing Sight, Struggling to Survive

Top 10 Gear and Accessories for Polar Travel

Get to Know Quark’s Onboard Experts

Top 5 Bird Cliffs in the Arctic

From Vikings to Elves – the Extreme Contrasts of Iceland

Honoring Sir Ernest Shackleton in South Georgia

Beyond Reykjavik: Iceland Off the Beaten Path

An Arctic Expedition Through The Northeast Passage

Meet Scientist in Residence Anni Djurhuus

Spotlight on the Northwest Passage

World Penguin Day: Fun Penguin Facts You Need To Know

Polar Deserts: Exploring the Most Arid Regions in the Arctic & Antarctica

A day in the life: Spitsbergen, Arctic

It’s a new season at Arctic Watch – new features for 2015

How to Dress Onboard a Polar Expedition Ship

Hunting for 90 degrees North at Barneo Ice Camp

Meet Scientist in Residence Dr. Sandra Nogué

The Top 10 Historical Sites in Greenland

Cool Camping: Barneo Ice Camp

Meet Quark Expeditions Polar Travel Adviser Caren Rapp

Wellness on the Ocean Endeavour

Prendre la Mer avec Quark Expeditions – French and Multilingual Departures in Antarctica

Lights Off! Celebrate Earth Hour with Quark Expeditions

Greenery and More in Greenland: Parks and Nature Reserves

All About ATVs at Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge

Meet Quark Expeditions Polar Travel Adviser Paul Schuster

The Mystery on Champ Island, Franz Josef Land

Sustainable, Responsible Polar Tourism with AECO & IAATO

Simon's Final Expedition of the Antarctic season

It’s Worth the Climb: Antarctic Mountaineering with Guide Jean Cane

Ocean Diamond Expedition Blog - 1st March 2015

The Rookie Returns: The Diary of a Returning Quark Expedition Guide

Meet the Walrus: Not All Tusks and Whiskers

Adopt a Polar Bear on International Polar Bear Day

How to Treat Gore-Tex for Polar Weather Wear

What you Need to Know About Kayaking in the Polar Regions

Quark’s Scientists in Residence Program

Till Death Do Us Part? Animal Mating in Antarctica

What to expect when you travel to Antarctica: An expedition diary

Living the dream: An Antarctic Explorer voyage with Quark Expeditions

Take a Polar Plunge with Quark Expeditions and Stop Kids Cancer Cold

Making Polar History - A Landing at Remote Saunders Island

Talking polar travel (and more) with Hans Lagerweij

Penguins and ice – the South Sandwich Islands do not disappoint

Letters From Antarctica-Diary from a Polar Expedition-part 4

Meet Quark Expeditions Polar Travel Adviser Naomi Box

Letters From Antarctica-Diary from a Polar Expedition-part 3

Letters From Antarctica-Diary from a Polar Expedition-part 2

Letters From Antarctica – Diary from a Polar Expedition part 1

Track Santa's Journey Over the Polar Regions & Around the World

Fine Canadian Dining with European Flair at Arctic Watch

Polar Wildlife Photography Tips from an Arctic Expert

Quark Expeditions Supports Penguin Lifelines

What Makes Up Antarctica?

The South Georgia Heritage Trust Habitat Restoration Project

Tromsø: Thriving Capital of the Arctic

South Orkney & South Shetland Islands: Vibrant Scenery, Stunning Wildlife

Meet the Arctic Fox: A Beautiful & Resourceful Far North Inhabitant

Traveling Solo to Antarctica

How to pack for your Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge Expedition

Beechey Island: Mystery & Historical Monuments in the High Arctic

Meet the Southern Elephant Seal: Impressive Antarctic Giants

How Antarctic Expeditions Assist in Albatross Conservation

Take the Next Step to Protect Polar Bears from Climate Change

Spotlight on Deception Island: Ghosts of Adventurers Past

Antarctic Fashion: This Season's Trends and Must-Have Clothing

Dining in Antarctica with Quark Expeditions

Confessions of a Polar Expedition Team Member

10 Antarctica Must-Haves – Don't Leave Home Without Them

Antarctic Colossal Squid Fascinates in Museum and Online

See Antarctica at its Most Pristine and Untouched

Low-Light Photography Tips for Epic Northern Lights & Starscape Pics in Polar Regions

Polar-Passionate 'Citizen Scientists' Invited to Participate in Antarctic Penguin Watch Project

5 Spectacular Antarctic Bucket List Beaches

In the Footsteps of Franklin: Canadian Team Discovers Lost Franklin Expedition Ship

Stand-up Paddleboarding: A Unique New Perspective on Antarctic Adventure

Arctic Quest: Colin Stump recounts his thrilling Arctic adventure

Spotlight on Port Lockroy: A Living Museum & Haven for Gentoo Penguins

I left my heart in Uummannaq: Greenland with Acacia Johnson

Dreaming in Disko Bay

Antarctica bound: Books for the passionate polar buff

A Leap of Faith: The Murres of Cape Walstenholme

How To Pack For The Polar Regions

White Whale Wonderland: Cruising with Belugas in Churchill

A Monumental Experience: Bears, Bergs, and Brilliant Weather

Sunshine in Sisimiut

Spotlight on Falkland Islands and South Georgia: Explorers & Kings

Antarctic Expeditions Yesterday and Today: 100 Years of Exploration

Quark Expeditions’ Guide to Explore Human Connection to the Arctic Landscape This Winter

Greenland's World Cup Fever Lasts All Year Long: Get in the Game!

Voyage Update: Spitsbergen Circumnavigation

The South Sandwich Islands

Quark Expeditions Supports Vivienne Westwood's "Save the Arctic" Campaign

A study on climate change & declining penguin populations

Win a Cover Feature, Cool Prizes & Bragging Rights in Quark's Cover Photo Contest

Meet the Muskox, Greenland's Gentle Giant

Nick Bertozzi – Shackleton: Antarctic Odyssey

Meet 5 Fascinating Antarctic Penguins

Tips & Tricks for Amazing Polar Photography with Your Smartphone

Spitsbergen Explorer: Voyage update from the Sea Spirit

Arctic Kayaking a Timeless Adventure in the Far North


Polar Photography: Protecting Your Equipment in Extreme Conditions

An Invitation to Meet the Arctic’s Wildlife Denizens

Polar Bucket List: 7 Must-See Arctic & Antarctic Destinations

Pro Tips for Amazing Antarctic Photography: Q&A with Dave Merron

Spotlight on Thule - Beyond the World’s Edge

Shackleton’s Legacy: Antarctic Exploration a Century After Endurance

Antarctic Ice Sculptures: Mother Nature's Awe Inspiring Artwork

Arctic Summit Examines Initiatives Opening Eyes and Doorways to the North

Pristine Antarctica: An Explorer’s Haven

New Icelandic Culinary Products Available Onboard Sea Spirit

Extraordinary Iceland: Land of Ice and Fire

Easter Island Blog: Part 1

Dr. Dan Zak Shares Sea Sickness Prevention & Treatment Tips

Quark Expeditions Welcomes You to the Arctic Watch Wilderness Lodge Experience

Spotlight on Akpatok Island

A Guide to the Arctic: Explore And Win A Trip!

Getting to the Arctic: Travel Tips for In & Around Arctic Gateway Cities

United Nations Court Ends Japan's Antarctic Whaling Program

Snowshoeing Spitsbergen: Old School Arctic Trekking Like a Champ

Franklin's Lost Expedition: Myths, Mystery & Modern Day Relics

Luxury Antarctic Expeditions: Adventure Cruising in Comfort

Filming The Mysterious 7th Continent

Farewell Sochi Olympics, Hello Arctic Winter Games!

Climate Change & Biodiversity Priorities for Arctic Council

Arctic Travel: Exploring on your own or with Arctic Tour Group? Two Different Ways to Discover the North

We Hope You Had The Time of Your Life

Life is a Penguin Highway

Myths of Traveling to Antarctica by Marybeth Bond

Stepping Back into Polar History

Quark Passengers Love Showcasing Their National Pride

Antarctic Circle: a voyage fit for a king

Voyage update: Throwing the Lines & Embarking on Adventure

Polar Vortex: The Science, Myth & Media Hype Behind North American Weather Phenomenon

Dressing for the Polar Vortex 101

It’s Getting Hot Up Here: Arctic Circle Destinations On Holiday Hotspots Lists

Ocean Diamond: Aerial view from the Drone

Fluffy flowers

2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games

Crossing the Circle: voyage update

Wow moment: Quark passengers encounter humpback whales

Best Job In The World

Arctic flowers: the beautiful Purple Saxifrage

Introduction to Spitsbergen: Polar Bear Safari

Crossing the Arctic Circle: Southern Expedition

Antarctic Explorer: the classic adventure

Humpback whales bump into zodiac: rare moment captured on video

Baffin Island

Climate as Culture: Artists near the Arctic Circle

Bergans of Norway: My Name is Roald Amundsen and I approve of this rucksack

South Georgian Grytviken Church Centenary: Remembering a Storied Past & Looking to the Future

Arctic Quest: Cultural & Geographical Contrasts from Greenland to Churchill

Visit Greenland: Interview with Malik Milfeldt

Antarctic Explorer Update from David "Woody" Wood

Voyage update from David "Woody" Wood: Lemaire, Ice fields, Neko Harbour & Polar plunge

Voyage update from David “Woody” Wood

Photographer Paul Nicklen chats with Quark Expeditions

A day in the Falklands aboard Ocean Diamond: voyage update from David "Woody" Wood

Chile Adventure Week: Punta Arenas

Quark Doctor Puts her Stamp on Nature Photography

International Expeditions: Travelling to the Amazon with Hans Lagerweij

Sochi 2014 Games: Olympic torch visits the North Pole

Packing for the Polar Regions

Arctic Quest : Greenland to Churchill

Quark 2014.15 New Brochure: Behind the Scenes

In the Footsteps of Franklin: Greenland & Canada's High Arctic

Epic High Arctic: Baffin Island Explorer via Fury and Hecla 2014

Original Penguin: A hot label fit for Antarctica

A year on South Georgia: Sam Crimmin, Quark Expeditions Doctor

Greenland Explorer Part 2: Guest blog from Lynsey Devon

Greenland Explorer Part 1: Guest blog from Lynsey Devon

Conversation with Shackleton and Scott

Ushuaia: Meet the Quark Ground Team!

Scott vs. Amundsen: Keep Calm and Eat your Veggies

Adventure Options highlight: Kayaking

Helly Hansen: The Captain of Polar Fashion

Sea Spirit: The Ultimate in Comfort Expedition

Part 2: Greenland Explorer update from Expedition Leader Alex McNeil

Part 1: Greenland Explorer update from Expedition Leader Alex McNeil

Top 5 reasons to visit the North Pole!

Guest Post: Antarctica through the Eyes of an Arctic Aficionado by Andrew White

10 things you didn't know about the walrus!

Part 2: Journey to the Arctic with Janet & John Tangney

Hot Docs & Quark Expeditions: First-ever Polar Floating Film Festivial

Part 1: Journey to the Arctic with Janet & John Tangney

Polar Adventure: Camping in Antarctica

5 Fun Facts: Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

Pleneau Island: Iceberg Alley

OSC Cross: The Latest In Polar Fashion

A time to reflect...

The Top 5 Reasons to add Antarctica to your bucket list!

Sally Ayotte's South Pole Chocolate Chip Cookies (Antarctica)

Frost Flowers

An Antarctic Tea Tasting

Life Aboard the Sea Spirit

The Spectacular Lemaire Channel

Spitsbergen Expedition - Voyage Update!

North Pole Adventure with Chris

Guest Post: To Antarctica with Jonathan Shackleton

Scenic Waters

Follow the leader!

King of South Georgia

Spitsbergen Circumnavigation - voyage update!

Penguins and sea kayaks

Fun facts about an Antarctic voyage

Guest Post: 24 Hours in Longyearbyen

An Iceberg Graveyard

1000 Places To See Before You Die Contest

Featured passenger photo: Spitsbergen Cruising

10 things you might not have known about penguins

Quark Expeditions Announces 2014 - 2015 Antarctic Season

Quark Expeditions’ at the top of the World with 50 Years of Victory

Polar bear snow bath

Romantic Antarctica

Chinstrap penguin ballet

Creating new Antarctic Ambassadors

Great Scott! Falcon Scott is joining Quark Expeditions on several 2013.14 Antarctic voyages


Quark Expeditions Experts-in-Residence Announced

South Georgia in the sunshine

Ask Dr. Tom Hart, Penguinologist

Penguin Highway

Moody Deception Island

Explore Greenland

Reasons to visit East Greenland

Giveaway: Signed "Chasing Ice" poster

King penguin chicks

Glacier Calving

To the Arctic with Quark Expeditions

Antarctica's fiercest predator

Lunchtime in the Arctic

The Antarctic – you absolutely have to go!!!

Baby gentoo penguin shows off a little sole

Kayaking in Antarctica, gliding through the ice

Camping in Antarctica

Welcome to the North Pole!

Future Sled Dog

Iceberg facts

Director of ‘Chasing Ice,’ Special Guest Aboard Quark Expeditions voyage

Sharing your travel experience with friends and family

Starry Starry Night in South Georgia

Icebergs in the Arctic

A peaceful moment in Antarctica

Top 5 reasons to travel with Quark Expeditions

Win a Greenland voyage with Quark Expeditions

Who is that handsome devil?

Curious Humpback Whale

North Pole bound

Fly-Cruise Confidential: An interview with the President of Quark Expeditions

Picture perfect Iceberg and water

A view for two

Into the blue

Stay Safe With Quark Expeditions

Antarctic Shake

100 Years Later with Shackleton and Scott

An Antarctic Wave

Pick a direction and go....

NBC's Kerry Sanders reports from Antarctica

Antarctica in depth with Jenny of RTWin30Days

Penguins on ice

Little brother of the North

Falcon Scott in the Aitcho Islands with Quark Expeditions

View from a kayak

Framed by 'bergs in the Arctic

The incredible hues of the Arctic

Fuzzy little gentoo chick

Snow and Ice in Neko Harbour

All about the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators

Help out this talented Quark Expeditions passenger

Flying to Antarctica - not just for birds!

That's a lot of penguins!

Spitsbergen Reindeer

4 Minutes in Antarctica with Worldly Nomads

A hike at Deception Island

Molting penguin

Iceberg Archway

Antarctica with Chris

Taking it all in

Shackleton & Scott voyage to Antarctica with Quark

Best buddies

Adventurous travelers explore Antarctica by paddle

Happy Family Day

Family of seals enjoying a sunny day

No zoom lens required

Sunset in Antarctica

Show the love on Valentine's Day.

Happy Valentine's Day!

A dozen roses or back rub—what is the better Valentine’s day gift?

Watch your step!

Guest Post: Antarctica: Tips from a Quark Passenger by Kellie Netherwood

"Say Cheese" and get ready for your close-up.

Rockhopper penguins have great style

Snow Day? 'SNo big deal at Quark Expeditions

Admiring natures' ice sculptures by Zodiac

Antarctica's Next Top Tour Guide

Arctic Tern, reflected

How to dress for polar travel

Antarctic Hitchhiker

Happy Feet

Experience "Virtual Antarctica" With Quark Expeditions And TourWrist

Antarctica through the eyes of a first-timer

Frequently Asked Questions

Antarctica with Quark's CEO

Welcome to Our New Blog

24 Hours in Ushuaia

Ice and Adventure with Quark Expeditions

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