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The Top 5 Reasons to add Antarctica to your bucket list!

Mariela.Castro 0 Top 5, Antarctica, Photo of the Day, Sea Spirit, Polar Travel, penguins, wildlife photography, Gentoo penguin, south georgia, Wildlife, king penguins, Zodiac, glaciers, falklands

1. Be one of only a few people to Step foot on the 7th continent

Antarctica Hike

2. Enjoy zodiac cruising and get up close to 400 year old icebergs

Zodiac Antarctica

3. Visit historical landing sites, including the Scott Research Centre

Antarctica King Penguin

4. Marvel at thousands of King Penguins and encounter up to 13 other penguin species

Antarctica Sea Spirit Penguins

5. Cross the Arctic Circle and travel furthest south on the planet


Undoubtedly Antarctica is one of the most awe-inspiring destinations in the world! For more information on our amazing Expeditions check out: Antarctica Cruises and Travel




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