Extraordinary Iceland: Land of Ice and Fire


In the recent blockbuster, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,” the title character, played by Ben Stiller, changes his timecard-punching life forever when he travels to hunt down a mysterious freelance photographer. It’s no coincidence that his adventure quickly lands him in none other than Iceland, where the otherworldly landscapes and volcanic activity set the backdrop for an experience that changes Walter forever.

Although it was little known to tourists until 2008, Iceland is home to some of our planet’s most fascinating, untouched geological phenomena and wildlife. Active volcanoes, ice fjords and breathtaking landscapes make this island one of wonder and extremes, which has earned Iceland the nickname “land of ice and fire.” Iceland brushes the Arctic Circle, but its mild climate resembles that of Paris or London, and its small population of just 320,000 offers warm hospitality and a hearty cultural experience. Summer days here are mild and almost endless, and long winter nights set the stage for spectacular displays of Aurora Borealis.