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Penguins and sea kayaks


In this photo, an Antarctic local carefully navigates some rocks, sea kayakers and a Quark ship in the background. Looks like a perfect day in Antarctica!


Feeling adventurous? Amp up your voyage with one of Quark’s adventure options. With seven activities to choose from, there’s something for every level of excitement. Have a look at our interactive Adventure opinions brochure today!
Photo credit: Elsa

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Taking it all in


During my recent voyage with Quark there were moments where I was left speechless. There were many opportunities to explore the rugged landscape and get up close with the wildlife in their natural setting. The surroundings were so spectacular that I would have to remind myself to pause and take it all in. Antarctica is unlike any other place in the world that I have traveled to. Quark Passenger, D. DaSilva, Antarctic Explorer Dec. 2012 on the Ocean Diamond.


Dion 2

Dion montage

Dion 4


No zoom lens required


Photographers at all skill level will be amazed at how up-close & personal you can get with the wildlife. Just take a seat and let them come to you. Quark offers Photography Focused Cruises so you can travel with a pro who shares their secretes to taking great photos in this unique environment.



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