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New Icelandic Culinary Products Available Onboard Sea Spirit


Feature photo courtesy of The Planet D

All of Quark’s vessels have onboard Polar Boutiques, which are fully stocked with last minute expedition gear such as waterproof pants, polarized sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves, hats and other layers essential to a dry and successful voyage. You’ll also be able to find the perfect Polar souvenir onboard for your friends and family…or even a keepsake for yourself.

Saltverk’s Lava Salt / Nr °02


Saltverk´s Icelandic Flake salt is the world’s only artisan salt produced with 100% geothermal energy. Hot geyser water from the hot springs of Reykjanes is used in the pre-heating, boiling and drying process of their salt. Since geothermal energy is the only energy source used during the process, they leave no carbon footprint on the environment.


Saltverk A blueprint of the original saltworks in Reykjanes.

The black lava salt is Icelandic geothermal flaky sea salt colored with activated charcoal from volcanic lava stones. The activated charcoal is a natural detoxifier that has health benefits. Surprize your guests with its dark color to contrast and finish your dishes. Sustainable and delicious! Try it with meat, seafood and fruit.

64° Reykjavik Distillery’s Crowberry Liqueur


64° Reykjavik Distillery is Iceland’s first micro-distillery that makes unique, handcrafted liqueurs and schnapps from wild berries and botanicals. The use of glacial water combined with the handpicked berries from the Arctic land gives the liqueurs a unique and pure taste.

The crowberry is a shiny black berry found in subarctic climates in moorlands, tundra and in spruce forests. Crowberries grow all over Iceland, ripening from late July onwards. The crowberry liqueur captures the elements of Icelandic nature, tradition, elegance, and taste. It was the Silver medallist at the prestigious ISW in Berlin 2011.

Try this recipe over glacial ice onboard the Sea Spirit during the Arctic 2014 season.

64° Long Bitter
2 parts crowberry liqueur
1 part juniper snaps (or fine Gin)
Hint of tonic.

Pour liqueur and snaps over glacial ice.
Add the tonic liqueur and stir slightly.

Encounter unrivaled natural diversity, from volcanic landscapes to lava fields, ice sheets, gushing hot springs and cascading waterfalls on our Iceland Circumnavigation Voyage.


Original Penguin: A hot label fit for Antarctica


Original Penguin clothing line was born almost 60 years ago in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and has been a key piece of Americana ever since.

Pete the Penguin came about when Abbot Pederson, a salesman for the Musingwear undergarment factory, purchased a stuffed penguin from a taxidermist and brought it on his flight from New York City back to Minneapolis. While on the flight, Mr. Pederson accidentally knocked off the penguin’s head. The ‘stewardess’ kindly took Mr. Pederson’s tie and wrapped it around the penguin’s head to connect it back on. And Pete (with a tie) was born!

Many celebrities were known to wear Original Penguin clothing such as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Arnold Palmer, Clint Eastwood and Richard Nixon, to name a few. Original Penguin became a true American classic.

Quark’s merchandise team carefully selected items that could be worn onboard and still be fashionable at home too. You can buy Original Penguin polo shirts, t-shirts, button down shirts, funky socks, hats, scarves and wallets at Quark’s onboard Polar Boutiques this Antarctic season.



OSC Cross: The Latest In Polar Fashion


While it's important to keep warm while travelling to the polar regions, it's also just as important to look cool! Which is why Quark Expeditions are loving these supremely functional (and supremely stylish) layering vests from OSC Cross. The Canadian brand is born out of the concept of having tailored fits, coupled with expert workmanship that result in three keystones: an appreciation for good design, decades of expertise in the industry, and of course, a commitment to their valued patrons.

Why will you find these vests from OSC Cross aboard our ship? Lightweight and 100 percent down filled, these quilted vests not only keep your silhouette in fine form but also help keep your packing to a minimum. Whether you're heading out to hike, kayak, or just relaxing in the ship's lounge, the versatility is endless with these sports infused, fashion forward vests.



OSC Cross Halifax Women Halifax Vest (Women)


OSC Cross London Men London Vest (Men)
  • 100% down filled
  • Lightweight, quilted vest with a slim fit
  • An ideal weight for layering or packing
  • Zippered front closure
  • Side zippered pockets
  • Elasticized hem on both sides
  • Made in Canada



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